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Featured Project

When the client decided to move closer to a local school for their three boys, they were torn on whether to buy a house already constructed or build their own dream house. They knew it would be a lot of work to build their own versus buying what was already constructed but they likewise knew the payoff for that extra work would be a unique custom home with the details they desired. Having been involved in building a custom mountain house as well as the commercial building their business resides in, they were familiar with the process and knew what pitfalls could result. They had prior experience with Signature Construction and Design from an addition Signature had put on their existing home as well as having toured a few other Signature whole house renovations in recent years. The believed Signature with its attention to the details and ability to work with both the old existing house and new 4,500 square foot addition of their particular project could build their dream house.

providence road residence

The client and Signature sought to capture the ambience of an older house with traditional details with the flair and usefulness of a new house in the addition. As we enter the front hallway, you see a traditional 50's vintage house with the living room on the right. Signature took an old oak paneled fireplace and updated the details to give it more substance. By adding a curved wall and trim in the hallway, one is given an inkling of changes to come. A traditional dining room was added as a bump out off the existing house to give more character to the front of the structure. In this dining room, Signatures' carpenters added details such as wainscoting to add to the character of the room. Likewise in the study across the hallway, wainscoting as well as a ceiling detail was added to what originially was the kitchen of the house and outside wall.

The powder room and butler's pantry provide a transition into the kitchen. An elevator was an integral part of the design due to the flexibility it gives a family of many generations to live throughout the house.

The kitchen was designed by Paradise Kitchens of Paradise, PA. Signature and Paradise have teamed up together on more than a dozen projects and work closely together to ensure a practical design of substance along with the beauty of custom cabinets built locally to the exact specifications of the space available. This Paradise Kitchen has antique gold paint and glaze colored cabinets and beaded inset doorstyle. The granite and back splash was color coordinated to highlight all the cream tones. The client entertain a large extended family frequently and wanted a large kitchen knowing it would be a place to congregate in addition to an adjacent family room to comfortably.

The client knew the look and feel they wanted for their family room. They already had the big stone fireplace at their mountain house and yet they didn't want the space to be too formal. Working in conjunction with Mark Benzel and site supervisor Bill Gray, they were all able to piece together a one of a kind design for both the fireplace and ceiling beams to give the room its character and warm casual inviting feel.

Signature renovated two bathrooms in the existing house in place and added two more in the bump out above the dining room. Having renovated so many bathrooms over the years in business, it was a comfortable task to renovate the existing bathrooms and construct a new giving each an interesting design. The master bathroom is simply spectacular in its size, design and character with everything a discriminating homeowner could desire.

With 3 young boys, the client desired a room in the existing house that the kids could retreat to for video games and romping around that would be out of the way and yet accessible to the main living space. The attic in the original house was the perfect space. With the addition of two dormer windows, a common renovation to older homes that Signature has performed many times before when turning a storage space into a living space, the room becomes light filled and comfortable as a playroom.

The beauty of this house goes deeper than the surface with the latest technology employed to make it not only beautiful on the outside but also energy efficient and technology ready on the inside. Four geothermal wells were dug to a depth of 600 feet in this front yard and are piped into the basement to take advantage of the earth's consistent 50 degree temperature to both heat and cool this house with no use of fossil fuels. In essence besides the electricity to run the compressors and fans, it is free heating and cooling. Every room in the house was wired for security and internet access allowing the house to fit today's wired expectation. In addition, the foundation of the addition employs Superior Walls technology which are premanufactured foundation walls that are craned into place and bolted together thus quickening the foundation installation and ensuring high quality in the concrete and insulation. The walls can be pre-finished to accept drywall for finished basements.